BOSE S1 Pro System Speaker

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5" Wide x 4" Deep x 9" High

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  • Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all in one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion.

  • Onboard 3-channel mixer offers independent ToneMatch, reverb, and EQ controls on two channels, with a dedicated channel for either wired (3.5 mm) or wireless music sources.

Inputs and outputs:

  • 2 combo XLR - 1/4" inputs

  • 3.5 mm input

  • Bluetooth input

  • TRS line output

Additional details

  • Wireless range up to 9 m (30 ft.)

  • Includes rechargeable lithium-ion battery

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