Custom Event Rentals recognizes the demand for unique exhibit spaces. There are numerous booth and trade show display options available. Pop-up displays, framed wall space, or aluminum pole & truss systems. We offer natural wood, eco-friendly and highly attractive trade show displays to exhibitors. Our most economical and popular option is to rent one of our display walls. These can be customized by adding signage or including other items we carry, like trees, tables or games. Please see examples of these below.

One big question is whether to rent or purchase your hardware. It is safe to say that you or your team are not in love with packing, transporting, setting-up and taking down large displays at trade shows. This is where we think renting makes sense. We take care of this work for you. We also find a way to adapt existing or newly purchased client branding in our displays.

Contact us to discuss how we may be able to develop an exhibit space you and your customers will remember.


Starts from $450

Image will be printed with single or 4-colour, die-cut, outdoor vinyl. The vinyl is applied on a custom prepped wood board. Sign provided to the client in protective sleeve at the end of the rental.

Starts from $700

Image will be laser engraved on the custom made cedar plate to be placed on the display wall or other surface.

Starts from $400

Custom Event Rentals directly applies vinyl to bar fronts prior to arrival and removed post event. Maximum height should be 24 Inches. Bright graphics or outline stroke recommended.

Starts from $350

This direct vinyl application creates a clean look on our Display wall. However, the graphic can only be used once and cannot be used in direct sunlight.

Starts from $950

This direct printing application creates a slick look, but requires attention to detail.

Starts from $75

Logo will be printed and applied by Custom Event Rentals to our rental products prior to delivery and removed post-event.

Starts from $3000

The Log Sign was a commissioned project that can be repeated for other clients where appropriate. Just a good example of how we build our client's good ideas. (12 foot wide x 11 foot tall shown)

Starts from $400

Logo is directly printed on to a plastic board or other common substrate and the board is mounted to the wall. Exhibitors can take the plastic board with them at the end of the rental.

Starts from $950

The vinyl printed image is applied to the custom made mounting surface. Typically this method is used for larger applications. Exhibitors can take the sign with them at the end of the rental.


Exhibit Wall and Display Table Rentals
CUSTOM: Created an 18ft x 5ft Bar/Display Table using 56 Stackers from Inventory...with Plexi-Top | Built a 16ft x 8ft Exhibit Wall & Storage Room with a Hidden Access Door. EXISTING: Display Walls | Bar Tables | Bar Squares
Custom Exhibit Display Production
CUSTOM: Created Full Exhibit | Produced Signage | Built and Branded Apple Crates | Purchased Apple Trees
Exhibit Decor Rental and Purchase Surrey BC
CUSTOM: Created Sign | Built and Engraved Apple Crates | Stained Pre-Built Barrels and Applied Logos | Purchased Apple Trees EXISTING: Display Wall | Bar Table | Cedar Plank Floor
Whole Foods Exhibit Rental
CUSTOM: Created 16ft Wide x 8ft Deep x 11ft Tall Barn Structure. Installed Corrugated Metal Clad Roof. Other Items Brought By Client.
Trade Show Rental Set-up Surrey
EXISTING: Cruiser Table | Bar Table | Chalkboard | Display Risers | Market Umbrellas | Cedar Crates
Tall Grass Booth at CHFA Expo West Rental
CUSTOM: Signage & Branding EXISTING: Cedar Screen | Bar Table
Booth Display Rental Langley
CUSTOM: Built an 8ft x 8ft Exhibit Wall Structure that doubled as a Storage Room EXISTING: Display Wall | Bar Table | Cedar Screen | Mini-Crates | Cedar Hedge in Crate