CEDAR floor tile

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$5/sqft|1-Day $6/sqft|2+Days $7/sqft|5+Days

Available as a 5ft x 5ft Tile or 25sqft

Inventory Available: 1200sqft or 48 Tiles in Stock

A Great Option to Provide an Attractive Event Floor.

  • Delivered & installed as 5ftx5ft sections.

  • 8" multiple adjustments can be made for sizes not divisible by 5ft.

  • For placement on flat, hard surfaces. Certain sub-floors can be used for grass, but each step one makes will feel soft.

  • If third-party furnishings will be placed on the floor, please expect we will use felt pads on your items to protect the surface.

  • If vendors will be walking on or rolling crates over the floor, we must cover the floor until show time at an additional cost.